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UC Verde Buffalograss (tax included in price)

UC Verde Buffalograss (tax included in price)

One tray is 128 plugs! That’s 128 square feet of coverage!

When shopping around be sure to look at how many plugs come in each tray! Our tray carries 128 plugs – which means each tray will cover 128 square feet, based on our recommended 12″ center spacing guide! A lower price elsewhere might actually mean a higher price per plug!

The ideal time to install UC Verde Buffalograss is from March to August. Although conditions may vary from location to location, we strongly recommend planting during these months for optimum success. Please be sure to visit our FAQ section for additional information.

UC Verde Buffalograss was developed by UC Davis and UC Riverside and is specially adapted to suit the conditions in California. Once established, you will see up to a 75% reduction in water consumption due to its deep root system which reaches several feet into the ground. Please peruse our website for more information on why UC Verde Buffalograss is the eco-friendly choice!

Price is $73.60 per tray with a quantity discount applying at 30 trays and up ($70.40 per tray). Pricing will be automatically adjusted at check out. For landscaper or commerical pricing please contact us.

*All orders placed by Friday noon are shipped the following Tuesday

*All orders placed for the week by Friday at noon PST are shipped on the following Tuesday. If you would like your order to be held to ship on a Tuesday later than the following week, there is no additional fees, please just let us know.

Cost of freight:

  • 1 tray box: $18 a box
  • Standard box (fits up to 4 trays): $36 per box

*For large orders of 30 trays please contact us at 559-275-3844 for a shipping quote.

Customer pick up is also available at our facility in Fresno, California, if you would like to avoid boxing and shipping and handling charges. Available pick up times are M-F, 8:30am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4:00pm.

This variety was patented in 2003 under US Patent 12910. Unauthorized sale or production is prohibited by law.

*($73.60 + tax)

Price: $79.48
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Auger Attachment (tax included in price)

Auger Attachment (tax included in price)

Need a little help with your installation? Try our custom auger drill bit attachment!

It’s the perfect size for our 128 cell plugs. This will help you to speed up the process and it will save you from having to get on your hands and knees! Our custom auger drill bit attachment has a long length so you won’t have to bend over to install!

Attaches to most standard drills. Not recommended for hard pan.

*($14.99 + tax included)

Price: $16.19
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Root Dip (tax included in price)

Root Dip (tax included in price)

To help your new plugs retain water while in the establishment phase use a mixture of Root Dip and water. Follow instructions provided on the packet. Each packet will cover approximately 1,000 square feet.

More information on Root Dip:

The Root Dip is a unique superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odorless. As a starch-based polymer, it is made up of glucose molecules, which are linked together chemically to become a water-insoluble, net-like matrix in the form of a hydrogel that holds and releases water for use by plants as needed. These anionic units are able to absorb up to 400 times their original weight. This hydrogel slowly releases just the right amount of encapsulated moisture in response to plant root suction. The hydrogel easily rehydrates and stores more water as moisture enters the soil. This process is repeated hundreds of times over a growing season.

By keeping the right amount of moisture available to plants as needed, our Root Dip facilitates plant production from seed germination through harvest. A healthy microenvironment is created in the soil that provides plants with the moisture and nutrients necessary for successful growth. The result is faster germination, quicker emergence, consistent growth and higher, better-quality yields using less water.

*($9.99 + tax included)

Price: $10.79
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